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Providing Osteopathy Treatment to patients in Croxley Green, Rickmansworth and Watford

Croxley Osteopathic Clinic is run by Deborah Osborne-Kirby and offers Osteopathic services to the surrounding areas such as Croxley Green, Rickmansworth and Watford. Deborah graduated from The British School Of Osteopathy in 2001 and has been working as an Osteopath in Croxley Greensince 2002, she has since been providing osteopathic health care to many patients who either work or live in Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Watford and the surrounding areas.

Osteopaths are mostly known for treating back pain but are also qualified to treat other joints and muscles of the body. Most aches and pains do self heal naturally but symptoms can be painful and persistent and can become worrying. These aches and pains can affect your sleep and can also affect your ability to be able to do things that you need to do in your day to day routines.

Sports Injury Treatment

Back Pain Treatment

Neck Pain Treatment

Initial Appointment

On your first appointment Deborah will take a note of your full case history and will then examine you. She will then discuss with you what she thinks is the cause of your problems and describe what she thinks are the best treatment methods for you and what the best treatment plan would be to ease your symptoms. Osteopathy is a manual therapy and is done by using gentle but effective techniques that will ease muscle tension as well as optimising joint function in a way that is appropriate to each individual patient’s needs in Croxley Green.

In most cases, symptoms are the result of musculo skeletal dysfunction and will usually have a good response to osteopathic treatment although there is sometimes a more serious underlying problem which will need to be addressed and will be referred appropriately.

Osteopathy is an ideal long term solution to a number of discomforts

Whether you are suffering from an ache or pain then why carry on living uncomfortably? Contact Croxley Osteopathic Clinic today for an examination on how you could improve your quality of life.

Welcome to Croxley Osteopathic Clinic based in Croxley Green which is between Rickmansworth and Watford in Hertfordshire. The aim of Croxley Osteopathic Clinic is to help you recover from your symptoms as quickly as possible along with reducing the likelihood of a recurring problem.

Croxley Osteopath


“Deborah is a fantastic Osteopath and as a client I thoroughly recommend her services.

Deborah provides targeted treatments with a high degree of professional knowledge and her fees are reasonable, too.

I will happily recommend her to my friends.”

“I had tried lots of different treatments for my back pain and nothing seemed to work and painkillers only masked the problem rather than help it. I decided to try osteopathy as a last resort.

I made an appointment with Deborah and after a few sessions of her excellent treatment I was already starting to feel the difference. I have had a few more treatments since and I really am amazed at how much better my back feels.”

Excellent service
Matt P
12:15 05 Nov 18
Jason Morgan
19:29 16 May 17
Have been suffering with a bad knee for a number of years now, got to the point where i was told i would need a knee replacement and this was something i wasn't prepared to do, not at 53! However having regular appointments with Deborah has kept my knee more flexible and hopefully keep off the operating table!! Long may it continue!!!
20:55 01 Dec 15
This professional has kept my knackered carcass able to work, play and sleep due to her insightful and brilliant treatments. I have been battered by hard labour as a tree surgeon and steelworker and a few motorcycle accidents. I no longer need to spend weeks limping just cos the weather changed. Restorative and preventative , I recommend this. I was introduced by personal recommendation and several of my mates have greatly benefited by my recommendation. Dom
21:31 17 Sep 13
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