Osteopathy for patients suffering with Neuralgia in Croxley Green, Rickmansworth and Watford

What is Neuralgia

Neuralgia, or nerve pain, refers to a severe and often intermittent pain that is caused by changes within a nerve or malfunctioning of the nerve. In some cases it can cause severe facial pain known as trigeminal neuralgia. This condition can be very debilitating but mercifully it is very rare.

What causes Neuralgia?

Neuralgia can be caused by chronic renal disease, diabetes, medications, malnutrition, trauma or chemical irritation, and can occur after an infection such as shingles. In a lot of cases though the cause remains unknown. Neuralgia normally occurs in the face,back of the neck and head. There are many treatments and fortunately most of them are non-invasive and safe.

As an osteopath I can help relieve some kinds of compression that effects nerves and give you advice which can help prevent nerve pain from getting worse.

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