Sports Injury Treatment from Croxley Osteopathic Clinic

Osteopathy Treatment for minor Sports Injuries in Croxley Green near Rickmansworth and Watford

Sports injuries aren’t only caused by doing sports but by also the use of the incorrect equipment such as badly fitting footwear. Osteopathic treatmentis an effective method used to treat minor sports injuries, Croxley Osteopathic Clinic in Croxley Green near Watford can provide a course of sports injury treatment that will help relieve the pain caused by your sports injury and will allow you to get back to your physical activities without being in pain.

As well as easing sports injuries, Osteopaths can also help improve your performance with through the method of restoring your structural balance and improving the mobility of your joints, this will then reduce the restrictions in your soft tissues meaning that your ease of movement will be restored which in turn will then enhance your performance.

The first part of your treatment for sports injuries is a soft tissue massage treatment, this will prepare your body for manipulation, as well as helping to ease the pain caused by your sports injury it will also help to prepare the body for physical activity as well as helping to encourage the body tissue to start healing and repairing.

Deborah Osborne-Kirby has been a trained osteopath since 2001 and has a lot of experience in dealing with sports injuries in Croxley Green, Rickmansworth and Watford. Her well established methods are perfect when it comes to the treatment of sports injuries and her knowledge of osteopathy that she applies when treating minor sports injuries is second to none.