Neck Pain Treatment from Croxley Osteopathic Clinic

Effective Neck Pain Treatment for Patients, based in Croxley Green, Watford, Rickmansworth and the surrounding areas

Neck pain can become a massive hindrance and with the constant moving of your neck it can become very painful and get in the way of your daily activities. Croxley Osteopathic Clinic in Croxley Green near Rickmansworth can provide you with effective neck pain treatment that can help relieve the pain and get you back on track to being able to carry out your day to day activities without the problem of neck pain.

There can be many causes of neck pain whether it is something simple such as sleeping awkwardly or a slight twisting of the neck which can cause a twinge. This type of neck pain is called non specific neck pain as the main cause of these types of neck pain is unknown.

Types of Neck Pain

Other types of neck pain such as whiplash can be very painful and through the use of osteopathic treatment can be greatly relieved, the method of an osteopath is to firstly check the muscle tension in the neck and then through the application of a soft tissue massage treatment which will then help to ease the muscle tension which will then help relieve the pain and prepare the area for gentle manipulation which will help release joints which are restricted in their range of movement and help restore normal function the area.

Osteopathy has been proven to be a very effective form of treatment for neck pain, whether it is a slight twinge or very painful there is a type of osteopathic treatment that will be effective for your level of pain.

For neck pain treatment in Watford then make sure you get in touch with Croxley Osteopathic Clinic in Croxley Green which is located in between Watford and Rickmansworth, where you will receive only the best and most effective treatment for neck pain, Deborah Osborne-Kirby is a trained osteopath who has a lot of experience in treating neck pain through the method of osteopathy.

Shoulder & Arm Treatment through Osteopathy

Here at Croxley Osteopaths we have been treating shoulder & arm pains through our extensive osteopathic treatments for many years. There is nothing more painful than a pulled shoulder muscle or strain in your upper arm. With careful, patient friendly treatment we can gradually improve your movement and reduce your pain using tried and tested methods.

Regardless of where your pain is in your upper body we are confident after very few treatments we can improve your level of discomfort. To find out how we can help give us here at Croxley Osteopathic clinic a call today.